Kenwood kMix Review

Kenwood kMix Review

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The Kenwood kMix stand mixer is undoubtedly a fantastic looking kitchen machine. The kMix range is Kenwood’s answer to its critics that say all Kenwood mixers look a bit boring. The range is also an attempt to take on KitchenAid, who are arguably their biggest competitor. KitchenAid’s mixers have been long lusted over by home chefs for their traditional shape and solid cast-metal casing.

This Kenwood kMix review will see whether the baker has to sacrifice too much over the practicality of a Kenwood Chef KM336 and whether the kMix’s closest competitor, the KitchenAid K45SS is the one to go for.

Kenwood kMix

The Kenwood kMix has an elegant look, with a more traditional, less boxy shape Score


  • It’s a piece of art
  • Excellent 5-year warranty
  • Die-cast aluminium body screams quality

  • Lower maximum dough weight (1.3kg)
  • No medium or high speed power outlets
  • Creaming beater not included
Features & Accessories
Ease Of Cleaning
Size & Weight

Features & Accessories

Kenwood kMix Bowl Attachment

Bowl attachments are easy to fix and height adjustable

The bowl attachments lock into place securely through a simple push and twist motion. It is also easy to adjust the height of the attachments, so the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl are always included. The kMix comes with the standard three mixing attachments, a dough hook, balloon whisk and K-beater. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a creaming beater (also know as a flexible beater), however one can be purchased separately from this store, although it’s not cheap.

Speaking of the dough hook, if this is a feature that you’re planning to use a lot, then watch out for the dough weight limit. The limit is 1.3kg and to put that into perspective, even the low-end Kenwood Chef’s have a dough weight limit of around 2.2kg. So if you’re often making large bread loaves then you may want to consider a machine like the Kenwood KM336 or alternatively do the kneading by hand and leave the kMix to beating, whisking and smaller kneading tasks.

Interestingly, the maximum weight of cake (2.7kg), pastry (680g) and number of egg whites (12) the machine can handle is exactly the same as the Kenwood Chef range. Presumably the lower torque of the 500W motor vs the larger +800W motors of the Chef range is culprit for the discrepancy on the dough weight. However, clearly this has next to zero impact with ingredient mixtures that are less thick than dough, as otherwise I doubt that Kenwood would be providing a 5-year warranty.

There’s plenty of room for ingredients with a roomy 5-litre polished stainless steel mixing bowl that comes complete with a useful handle. With very steep sides and a handle it could double as Peter Crouch’s or Wladimir Klitschko’s breakfast mug, but for normal-sized mortals those steep sides have the benefit of stopping mixture from flying too far and therefore reduces both mess and waste.

Kenwood kMix Splash Guard

Splash guard with spout and lid

As you’d expect from a premium mixer, the kMix comes with a splash guard. What is particularly good about Kenwood splash guards is that the spout through which ingredients are poured has a hinged lid. This means that it can be propped open and two hands can be employed for pouring. Then the lid can be closed when it’s not required to stop any risk of ingredients finding their way out of the bowl.

Kenwood kMix Slow Speed Power Outlet

Slow speed power outlet behind cover

Like all other Kenwood mixers, the kMix comes with a slow speed power outlet on the ‘nose’ of the machine. Attachments are securely fastened by inserting them into the outlet and rotating 90°. This outlet fits a large range of optional attachments, which are:

  • Spaghetti pasta cutter
  • Tagliolini pasta cutter
  • Trenette pasta cutter
  • Tagliatelle pasta cutter
  • Flat pasta roller
  • Multi-food grinder (e.g. meat mincer)
  • Short pasta maker
  • Roto food cutter
  • Roto food cutter and fruit press

While these can be useful, they are frightfully expensive, as you can see here, so pick the attachment you want with care!

Kenwood kMix Speed Dial

Kenwood kMix has 6 speeds to choose from

The rotary speed dial feels very solid to the touch and a pleasant blue light illuminates when it’s turned on. There are six selectable speeds and thankfully the kMix moves gradually through each speed, so there’s no jolt to kick up ingredients like you’d see on some stand mixers.

Ease Of Cleaning

The three bowl attachments are K-lene coated, which is a special non-stick coating to make washing the attachments as easy as possible. Thankfully as well as being non-stick, the attachments are also dishwasher safe. The attachments are as simple as could be to remove, with discs above the attachments that can be grabbed without having to grab the mixing head itself, which would otherwise leave your hands covered in ingredients (not that this is always a bad thing…).

The splash guard is also as good as they come, so the kMix is well-worthy of top marks in this category.


The downside to the smaller 500W motor is the lower maximum dough weight. The upside is that it is much quieter than stand mixers with larger motors.

The solid aluminium casing also does a good job of insulating the noise, so all-in-all, this is a very quiet mixer. To put this into perspective, conversations can easily be had over the noise it produces on all but the fastest one or two speed settings.

Size & Weight

The good news is that the Kenwood kMix is lighter than it’s main rival, the KitchenAid K45SS at 8.1kg versus 10.45kg, which is thanks to the lighter aluminium casing of the kMix as opposed to the steel casing of the KitchenAid model. But 8.1kg can hardly be considered light.

In fact, the kMix is almost the heaviest stand mixer Kenwood produce, which is something to consider if you’re likely to be often lifting it in and out of a cupboard. Thankfully as it looks so good, leaving it out on the counter-top permanently isn’t too much of a chore.


Kenwood kMix Colours

The Kenwood kMix comes in an enormous variety of colours

With an elegant shape, an array of colours to choose from and the solid aluminium casing, the kMix is undoubtedly the best-looking stand mixer that Kenwood produce.

The confusing thing is that each colour comes with it’s own model name:

  • Almond (cream) = KMX52
  • Raspberry red = KMX51
  • Coconut (white) = KMX50
  • Peppercorn (black) = KMX54
  • Aqua (blue) = KMX93
  • Papaya (orange) = KMX97
  • Berry (purple) = KMX99
  • Sherbert = KMX98
  • Barcelona = KMX80
  • Oyster cove = KMX83
  • Fire cracker = KMX84

Almond (cream) is by far the most popular colour and it is our choice too. We chose this colour because these machines are built to last longer than your kitchen or the latest trendy colour, and cream is always going to look tasteful.


When it comes to durability the kMix has two great things going for it. The first one is that it’s built by Kenwood, who have built a very strong reputation for quality and whose mixers are well known to last for 25-30 years. The second and most tangible thing is the generous 5-year warranty, which is the best of any stand mixer you’ll find on the market and provided you stick within the weight limits (which really shouldn’t be an issue), it offers fantastic piece of mind.

Price & Conclusion of the Kenwood kMix Review

We’re big fans of the Kenwood kMix. When you’re spending large sums of money on a big-ticket item such as a stand mixer, it must tug on the heart-strings and certainly cannot be boring. That can be the thought that puts prospective Kenwood buyers off: is it just a bit dull? That is certainly not an accusation the kMix could be tagged with. That, combined with the typical Kenwood quality make the kMix a great purchase.

Just be very careful where you purchase it from. This store usually has them at by far the cheapest price, so make sure you check it out before you checkout.

Kenwood kMix Review on December 11, 2014 rated 4.5 of 5

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