Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Review

The Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium stand mixer is one of Kenwood’s top kitchen machines and it has the specifications to match. It’s also the cheapest of the Titanium range, with a whopping 40% coming off the RRP of £699.99 at this store. Kenwood sits apart from all other mixer manufacturers when it comes to powerful, premium models. This means that the KMC010’s closest competition comes from other Kenwood models. So in this Kenwood KMC010 review we’ll be comparing it against other Kenwoods to see if you’d be better off picking a sister model.

Kenwood KMC010 Review

Hands-on testing for our Kenwood KMC010 review Score


  • It’s the model we all dream of (or maybe that’s just us!)
  • Extremely powerful
  • Exceptional quality

  • Quite heavy
  • The beefed-up motor doesn’t increase the maximum ingredient weight
Features & Accessories
Ease Of Cleaning
Size & Weight

Features & Accessories

If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of the KMC010, the below video from Kenwood will explain it better than we ever could.

Kenwood mixing bowls come in two sizes, 4.6L and 6.7L. The ‘Chef’ range have 4.6L bowls and the ‘Major’ range have 6.7L bowls. The KMC010, being a ‘Chef’ therefore has a 4.6L bowl, which is solid stainless steel and comes with very useful handles. The handles aren’t seen on models below this one so it’s a nice addition. Interestingly, all models in the ‘Chef’ range have exactly the same maximum batch sizes, which are:

  • 2.7kg of fruit cake mix (or similar)
  • 1.36kg of flour in a stiff yeast dough (2.18kg total)
  • 1.3kg of flour in a soft yeast dough (2.5kg total)
  • 680g of flour in a shortcrust pastry
  • 12 egg whites

We were a little disappointed that the maximum batch sizes were the same for all Chef models. This machine is the most powerful Chef model with a 1400W motor, which compares favourably to other Chef models such as the KM336 (1400W vs 800W). We had wrongly believed that this would result in the KMC010 having larger maximum batch sizes. Whether this anomaly is just Kenwood being overprotective, we don’t know.

What the extra power does provide is a very smooth and controlled mix that fills you with confidence. This confidence extends to large sticky doughs or other mixtures that models with weaker motors do not plough through as easily. For example, the machine annihilates whole potatoes in seconds for the speedy creation of mash (K-beater attachment).

Kenwood KMC010 Attachments

Full list of optional attachments available (from the instruction manual)

The four power outlets available, which include the bowl, slow, medium and high speed outlets are unique to Kenwood. Through the use of these they offer over 20 optional attachments to expand the functionality of the machine. Beware, additional attachments are eye-wateringly expensive (see here). However, the machine does come with a blender and food processor included.

Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Speed ControlThe KMC010 offers a choice of 6 standard speeds and a pulse mode, which is ideal for delicate tasks. The machine moves gradually between the speeds. This ensures that the ingredients do not go flying off when increasing the speed in the same way that they can with other mixers. The rotary speed selector feels very solid to the touch.

Ease Of Cleaning

The Kenwood KMC010 couldn’t be any easier to clean. Firstly, it comes with a splash guard that fits securely to the mixing head. The splash guard had a lidded chute for the simple addition of ingredients without compromising on protection from errant splashes. This keeps everything besides the bowl and mixing attachments completely clean. Thankfully both the bowl and mixing attachments (other than the flexible creaming beater) are constructed of solid stainless steel, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about putting them straight in the dishwasher. The flexible beater will need washing by hand, however.


With a huge 1400W motor we were surprised just how quiet the Kenwood KMC010 was. Perhaps it’s because that impressive motor deals with tasks so easily. The quietness is also partly due to the quality gearing mechanism that reduces friction to an absolute minimum. It’s also partly down to the solid die-cast aluminium body of the mixer which insulates the noise somewhat.

Without a sound meter it’s hard to properly quantify noise, but having a conversation in the kitchen while the appliance is working is not a problem, other than on the very top speeds.

Size & Weight

Compared to other mixers, the KMC010 is quite short and narrow, but it is still long with dimensions of 22.7cm wide by 29.7cm tall by 40.0cm long. The machine weighs 7.7kg, which is not what could be considered light, but with a big motor and solid metal construction we had expected it to be closer to 10kg like the KitchenAid K45SS. However, the use of comparably lightweight aluminium rather than steel gives the Kenwood model the edge.


Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Review

A professional-looking machine fit for any worktop

None of the Kenwood Chef range mixers look greatly exciting, but if that’s your main priority then you should probably be considering the kMix instead. The silver KMC010 looks professional and every bit as expensive as it is. It has the quality feel to match too.


Is the Kenwood KMC010 durable? It’s a question we really needn’t ask. The reputation of the Chef range is exceptional, with countless stories of them lasting 20, 30 or even more years before giving up the ghost.

Thankfully a customer doesn’t have to put all of their faith in this reputation as Kenwood also provide an industry-leading 5-year warranty with this machine.

Price & Conclusion of the Kenwood KMC010 Review

We tried very hard to find faults with the KMC010 so that we could be seen to provide a ‘balanced’ review, but as you’ve just read, we struggled. If you’re wishing to cook with batch sizes over 2.5kg (and have multiple/ professional ovens) then you could consider going for one of the Kenwood Major range instead. Otherwise, this is the mixer of your dreams. Sure, you could spend less on a Kenwood KM336, but this is a far superior machine and one indulgence that should keep giving for decades. This store has the KMC010 at a price you’ll struggle to say no to!

Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium Review on February 11, 2015 rated 4.8 of 5

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