Andrew James Mixer Reviews

Andrew James mixers are relatively new in the game, with the company having only been formed in 2005. However, with some of the best-selling mixers on the market they shouldn't be overlooked, particularly with their low price points, positive quality record and two-year warranties.

They currently sell two models, the 5.2L and the 7L:

Large Enough for Most

Andrew James Mixer
The 5.2L is the pick of the Andrew James stand mixers. It has plenty of power and capacity for all but professional chefs. It's not as quiet and refined as some, but at this price it's likely to be a price worth paying.
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The 7L Monster

Andrew James Stand Mixers
We're not quite sure what niche Andrew James is trying to fill with their 7L. Nobody apart from a professional baker would ever use the extra capacity. It does have a unique electronic control panel though.
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Take a peek at our Andrew James mixer reviews below to find the machine that's best for you.

Andrew James Large 7 Litre Automatic Mixer Review

Andrew James 7 Litre Review

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Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review

Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review

Recently we’ve seen the Andrew James 5.2 Litre Mixer be offered at a ridiculous, surely-too-good-to-be-true price at THIS STORE. That’s much less than half the RRP and would rightly cause concern regarding the quality, longevity and practicality of this kitchen machine. This Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review will see if it really is a bargain. […]